A review of the still popular google sniper program, it has been rehashed a few times but the program is still proving popular with online marketers today.

So what it all about?

Google Sniper is a program for those who want to venture into affiliate marketing. The idea is quite simple, when you go to Click Bank, you can just choose a product. Then you create your webpage and boost its ranking to get more potential visitors to get the selected product.

Where did it come from?

George Brown is the developer of google sniper and has made a very healthy amount of money in the online marketing world with this program, all since the tender age of 17. Fair play George!!

What do I get for my money?

The manual you get when you join is a 104 page, very detailed, downloadable e-book with large colour illustrations to aid you through the process. There’s also a flowchart you can download and use to help you keep track of where you are in the process of making the Google Sniper 2.0 sites.

Also taught in the course is what George calls Empire Building where after you’ve created a few site and you want to make even more money you simply make more sites and outsource as much as the process as you can or what you feel comfortable outsourcing. Note this is an advanced part of the membership and should not be started by new members until you have had success with your websites.

Does it work?

It’s my experience that this strategy is extremely effective and well worth the time to invest in such a program. We all know that Google constantly changes their algorithms, and come up with scare tactics to keep people from gaming the system, but many of these attempts are only scares to prevent abuse.

Who is this for?

Google sniper works well for the novice or the experienced internet marketer, the programs step by step videos are well laid out and there are also PDF documents that show you exactly where to start


The program has a lot of merit, and the video instruction is of really good quality, which definitely sets it a cut above the overwhelming majority of affiliate training programs that are available.  I’d check out the $1 trial and skim through the course material. That way you can be super-confident that you’re getting what you want.

This isn’t a route to overnight success, but then again, there is no real route to overnight success. It IS a way to build a sustainable, long term business. So go ahead and give it a try…it’s just a buck.

Check Google Sniper out here for yourself

Click here for a free eBook on blogging/article marketing


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