Affilorama is an affiliate marketing program that has been developed to help you get started with online/affiliate marketing. It has some good content and is still popular despite being on the rounds for some time.  It takes the reader from the basics of affiliate marketing right up to more advanced techniques and processes.

So what it all about?
Basically Affilorama is a internet marketing training service for subscribers with video training as well as written articles, support and tools.  It does have a free membership area which has some free training that is very helpful to beginners in the affiliate marketing field.  It features a wide range of traffic,PPC & SEO lessons and techniques & ideas, there are also numerous free tools available to help the budding marketer. 

Where did it come from?
Mark Ling is the creator of affilorama and is one of the top online marketers around and training courses from this source are held in high regard as they are usually easy to use and have a great deal of relevant content.

What do I get for my money?
With Affilorama you will get access to the following
-Lots of good training sessions that are recorded on a virtual training book so you can keep track
-Access to the affilorama training forum which is one of the largest of its kind online today
-Education in SEO/PPC/Email marketing/Site building/Traffic etc, over 100 lessons included
-Premium level customers needless to say get extra benefits such as domination of chosen niche, personalized website creation and hosting package and an affilorama theme including 15 hours of expert interviews

Does it work?
Affilorama is and has been one of the most popular products of its kind for sometime, that is testament to the fact that it does indeed work, affiloblueprint section of the premium members area is a 12 week program offering over 40 video`s developed to assist you learn about the lucrative affiliate website.

Who is this for?
This is a great program for the beginner or intermediate affiliate marketer and the access to IM marketing sites is invaluable when starting out and it's easy to use format is very user friendly. 

If you follow the course in affilorama and use the tools provided then this is a good solid program that comes recommended, I have read reports on some forums with some minor gripes but I found this to be a decent program and better than most others out there.

Check it out here for yourself.


01/21/2016 7:00am

I'm s broke man with 3 sons I have no wish to be played out my money like the us government do American everyday with this slavery tax .so with that being said no ill die broke at least I didn't give my last away.

05/10/2017 5:42am

The site is wonderful when compared to other writing websites in the business. Many of them are fake but this is not. They provide great services and at an affordable price. Too bad they could not sustain competition; otherwise, no other site would have come near it.


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