Social Media is Dying? Will Social Media Die in 2018? There is no denying that Social Media has revolutionized the way we communicate over the last 20 years in effect making the world a smaller place. Social media has revolutionized the way we do business and how we communicate with people all over the globe. But it is not all positive when s comes to the social media platforms and more and more people are up in arms about various aspects of social media. In this video we look at the possibility that social media could be dying, we explore the positive and negative effects on individuals, communities, businesses, and society in general.


01/07/2018 11:27am

Rabia tumha qsm lage jana do


In the past twenty years social media is ruling on internet which has the positive and negative effects too. It helps in the field of business and also communicates the peoples which are miles away from each other. This video has to watched everybody especially young generation.

01/10/2018 12:22am

Just like newspaper which has been rumored to die even before, I don't think social media will have its downfall this year. Instead, it will open more doors and opportunities to people this year. In my opinion, it's just the beginning and there are lots of things we will be witnessing from this platform. We cannot deny the fact that people have been relying too much in social media, and I don't think it's going to end very soon.


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