My friend and I decided to make a blog just last year. It was a rainy day and we've got nothing to do so we just thought of making ourselves really productive. We have actually created the blog for almost one and a half hour because of some technical difficulties. I just don't think that we have used the best blog site for us. But the good thing is, we are now able to share some meaningful thoughts and ideas with our readers because of our blog. What a really nice way to be productive.

07/23/2017 2:51am

Thanks for sharing this timely and relevant information. I badly needed this guide for my academic project. We are tasked to create a blog and establish our indentity in that blog. The output is due in a week. These tips will help speed up the progress of my project. Thanks a lot!

07/12/2017 12:05am

This video is very helpful for new bloggers.


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