So you have created a great website, you have all the bells and whistle promotions and content, you are ready to kick start you online business and start to make money online.  All you need now is traffic, lots and lots of organic traffic.  Well just follow the points below and you will be well on your way to attracting big volumes of potential followers & customers.

Consistently create quality content. Try to write and publish as often as possible, but not at the cost of quality! The more quality content you have on your website or blog the more opportunities you create for organic traffic to come your way.
Use social media. Build a presence on social media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ etc. All of these activities help to get your name out and website address out on the internet. Put in the effort and you will get traffic from it.
Exploit metrics. Use something like Google Analytic s to track visitors to your site and blog. Being able to see where they come from and what keywords they searched for allows you to fine-tune your content.

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Make sure your site is SEO friendly. The best way to make your website SEO friendly is to create a basic format for all of your pages and posts. When you get into the natural rhythm of writing titles in a certain format and incorporating certain information in the content of the post, SEO tasks will not be heavily time consuming they will become second nature. 
Interlink your pages. Many visitors to your site will initially be blind to your navigation and you will find that the only way to compel them to explore your site further is to include links to related posts directly within your content.
Don’t forget email marketing. Whether you have already build a list or are thinking of building one my advice is ‘do not neglect list building’!!  And once you have a list and are blasting out broadcasts be sure to advertise your webpage with links attached in your mail.
Include guest articles. Expert opinion is trustworthy. Convince experts to contribute to your articles and you will be surprised how your traffic will increase. Indeed, it will bring to your website a whole extra community who will get familiar with your brand

Offer some freebies. Visitors are always more likely to visit your website if you offer something free. Valuable content is great to drive traffic but giving people the opportunity to try something for free gives you a powerful advantage

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Theres no doubt that twitter has become a social colousis with over 250 million active monthly users.  Whether you are just starting out on Twitter, or have been on it for a few years, there’s one question that’s always there: “How do I gain more Twitter followers?” Here are some tips below that will help you increase your following and help you build up a huge twitter following.

1 - Use twitter appropriately

This may sound simplistic but this is the starting point of your follower growth. If you’re a business, make sure your Twitter handle is visible on your website and don’t be afraid to add it to your email signature as well. This way, you make yourself available to your customers and you gain followers that are genuinely interested in what you have to say.

If you have a blog, incorporating social share buttons is a must! People can then share your content with their followers and make your Twitter handle visible to new audiences. And if you’re active in other social networks, adding the link to your Twitter account in your bio, increases the chances of people following you across channels. Talk about a fan base!

2 - Don’t forget to share

As obvious as it may be, when sharing someone else’s content, including their Twitter handle in your tweet can help your follower growth. This simple gesture, not only helps improve your engagement rates, but also it increases the chances of getting followed by these users.

The same goes for hashtags. Every hashtag represents a Twitter community that users are a member of. For example, if I am interested in #Social Media I would most likely follow this hashtag on Twitter. Using hashtags that are relevant to the content you’re sharing and your industry, basically puts you on the Twitter map, brings you followers that matter to you and are more likely to engage.

3 - Be active in the twitter community

Live-tweeting during an event is a great way to gain new followers! All you need to do is track the hashtag of the event to monitor what people are saying and contribute to the discussion.

4 - The right people are there, follow them

Start by following and engaging with the influencers in your field, but make sure you also interact with people that tweet about topics similar to yours. How do you go about that? By monitoring relevant keywords and hashtags using tools like Tweet deck or Hootsuite. This way, you can identify which accounts are worth following, easily jump into conversations and land a follow-back from someone who is relevant to you!

5 - Gain more followers

Gaining more Twitter followers means expanding your Twitter reach. But how to do that the right way without breaking “Twitter laws”? Make your tweets relevant to your targeted audience and with decent content. And if people are interested on what you tweet, they’ll follow!

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Facebook is still the biggest social media site around today with well over 1 billion users and counting. We use Facebook to get back in touch with old friends to catch up with relatives who live far away, and as an easy way to wish people Happy Birthday.

But when it comes to using Facebook for business, for online marketing for many people still aren’t quite sure how to go about using Facebook for their internet marketing business. When you set up your Facebook page or fan page you will need to get more shares for your content to increase your chances of your Facebook page getting more unique visits.

So on that note here are 3 tips on getting more Facebook shares on your website

1. You have to go mobile. 

More than 70 percent of Facebook traffic comes through mobile devices, which means you must optimize content for mobile in every possible way. Ideally, anything you're linking to should be easy to read or view on a mobile device.

“Make sure to size and crop photos to fit Facebook's mobile dimensions,” says Laura Nathan-Garner, program director of integrated media communications at Houston’s MD Anderson Cancer Center. Images sized to 560 X 292 pixels are optimal for full display in the mobile news feed.

“Headlines and teasers should also be shortened when sharing link previews to ensure readers will get the full message,” she says. Copy within posts must be concise, she adds, and the first paragraph or teaser should entice readers to click through to longer-form text.

2. If posts take off fast don’t be afraid to boost them. 

“When boosting posts, don't boost everything, and don’t boost before posts have gotten noticeable engagement,” says Nathan-Garner. “Audiences are more likely to engage if they see others have already ‘liked,’ commented on or shared a post.”

She warns that you may end up wasting money by prematurely boosting a post that doesn't resonate with people.

“No matter how good you think a post is, it's sometimes not what your audience wants,” says Nathan-Garner, “and sometimes the post you don’t expect to boost ends up being the one everyone loves.”

3. Would you ‘share’ this post

When people see your post, will they instantly want to share it with their friends? “If you don't think people will share your post, it's probably not going to help you achieve your page’s goals. To know whether something’s worthy of sharing, consider whether it's:

Colourful, interesting, surprising, inspiring, different, timely

“Another success factor is whether your post addresses your audience's problems, interests or desires,” for example if you have built up an audience for your niche of archery tips and lessons then chances are your audience don’t what to hear anything about the online marketing niche but they would love to hear about some new piece of archery related equipment you may have tried and it you have photos of this when then all the better.

Also some of the most successful posts give advice that speaks to a problem that you may have gone through and how you dealt with that problem and came out the other side.  Don’t be afraid to give advice on your real world problems.

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Five useful tips for affiliate bloggers
1, Build a link with the audience
The key factors like regularity, top quality content and user engagement are stipulation for making healthy relation and interaction with your viewers.
2, Focus on your niche
If your niche is about dog training and half of your followers are interested in forex trading then you have already lost 50% of your following.  For that reason you need to stay within your niche.
3, Learn from the best
Affiliate marketing is just like an art. You have to be an expert in the art of being able to promote your product and make the sale. This art may not come naturally to you but can be learnt from other marketers.
4, The right products
Finding the right products in the right niche can be tricky. You must select wisely to get the most from affiliate marketing.
5, Keep trying
You should always test a product yourself before promoting to make sure you are happy with it. Keep trying and enjoy yourself, if you have picked a niche you enjoy personally it can be very rewarding.